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Synthetic Scrubbing Brush

6″ Synthetic Iron-Handle Scrub Brush

  • Scrub brush with iron design has an ergonomic handle for grip when scrubbing in light- to medium-duty applications
  • Handle and block are made of plastic for durability
  • Bristles made of polypropylene that is resistant to most acids and solutions
  • Base resins used for the block and bristles are BPA-free to address safety concerns raised by FDA and other organizations
Iron handle nail brush

Hand & Nail Brush

  • Designed for use where personal cleanliness is of the utmost importance
  • New improved brush designed to promote vital cleansing of hands for foodservice personnel
  • Stiffer center bristles offer a more thorough cleaning under fingernails
  • Longer bristles along sides clean fingers top and bottom
  • Works better than soap and water alone for efficient under fingernail and hand cleansing
Handheld Grout Brush

9″ Soft Grip Tile & Grout Brush

  • Brush design to clean tile, ground and other hard to reach areas.
  • Hard, stiff bristles for tough scrubbing.
  • Durable Handle
Floor Grout Brush Swivel Neck

Swivel Grout Brush

  • Tile and grout scrub brush with acme threading.
  • Chisel cut bristle to manipulate all types of grout lines.
  • Chemically resistant polypropylene bristles.
  • Swivel head allows brush to be used in both directions, maximizing the life of the brush.
  • Works with standard acme threaded handles.
Floor Scrubbing Brush with Swivel Neck

Swivel Scrub Brush

  • Swivels onto its side to clean hard-to-reach areas where floor machines can’t reach.
  • Use the general scrub for routine scrubbing and power scrub for heavy scrubbing and stripping of wax build up.
  • Polyester scrub resists water, high temperatures, acids, alkalis and most cleaning solutions.
  • All-around polypropylene scrub with its stiff polypropylene bristles gets into places that would be impossible with a normal floor brush.
Car Wash Brush Acid Resistant Soft Bristle

10″ Acid Resistant Brush With Bumper Grey Fiber

  • 2-1/2″ wide x 10″ long plastic block with threaded and tapered handle holes.

Black and white selfflagged polystyrene bristles.

Trim 2-1/2″

Our window brushes are staple set into foamed polyethylene blocks with standard threaded hole that feature flow through design for attaching a flow through handle.

All window brushes require a threaded or flowthrough handle

Handles not included

Soft Bristle Car Washing Green Brush

10″ Vehicle Brush With Bumper Green Fiber

  • Heavy-duty block is 10″ long, 2-1/2″ wide and approximately 1-1/2″ thick
  • Vinyl bumper protects vehicle finishes.
  • Available in a choice of green high density filament or acid resistant fiber that is resistant to common cleaners, detergents or acids.
  • Versatile product is ideal for cleaning vehicles, windows, siding and walls.
  • Designed for use with flow-through, threaded or tapered handle.
  • Handle sold separately
Bannister Brush Grey Flagged Plastic Block 14"

Soft Poly Fibre Bannister Brush W/Plastic Block 14″

  • 9″ Tan Poly block w / Hanger hole
  • Gray PVC Fiberfill
  • Flagged tips
Scrubbing Brush Medium Bilevel

10″ Bi-Level Brush Stiff Red Fiber

  • The dual-surface scrub brush uses side bristles that make scrubbing baseboards and corners easy, without having to change tools
  • Polypropylene stiff bristles provide liquid-holding ability under machines and fixed equipment or in wide open areas.
  • 10″ foam plastic block with threaded handle hole
Extra Stiff Deck Scrub Brush with handle

10″ Floor And Deck Scrub Brush-Assembled 48″ Metal Handle

  • 10″ Wide Stiff Bristles for scrubbing indoors and outdoors
  • Ideal for cleaning tile, linoleum, wood or cement
  • Metal handle with hang-up cap for easy storage
  • Stiff PET bristles, 48″ handle
Scrub Brush Back Scrubber Stiff Bristle

Long Handle Gong Brush – Stiff Fiber

  • Durable poly fibers
  • 20-inch handle
  • Fibers withstand harsh chemicals
  • For use on tires, trash cans, buckets, siding and window frames
  • Hang-up for easy Storage
Scrub Brush Stiff Bristle Short Handle

Short Handle Gong Brush – Stiff Fiber

  • Durable poly fibers
  • 20” handle
  • Fibers withstand harsh chemicals
  • For use on tires, trash cans, buckets, siding and window frames
  • Great for all your heavy-duty cleanup jobs
  • Hang-up for easy storage

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