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Backflip Combination

Brass BackFlip Combo Window Tool

  • The perfect balance of speed and performance
  • The channel is 2" longer than the washer. For example, the 71100 is made up of a 10" Golden Glove and a 12" squeegee
  • With the simple touch of a button, transformed the BackFlip for a variety of applications: a One Pass Squeegee, combination Scrub & Squeegee or a separate Heavy-Duty Washer and Quick Release Squeegee
  • Each tool fits on all Ettore extension poles
  • The only tool that works in four time-saving combinations with no parts to lose
  • Available in 12", 14" and 18"


  • Scrub windows with microfiber sleeve then squeegee for a streak-free shine
  • 1 tool for 2 jobs
  • Machine washable sleeve
  • Professional grade
  • Available in 12"

Master Solid Brass Squeegee Complete

  • The top of our professional line
  • Built to the precision tolerances you get with tempered, solid brass; perfect balance and weight
  • Rust proof
  • Can be combined with REA-C-H Extension Poles
  • 12", 14", 16" and 18" 

Plastic Window Squeegee Complete
  • Lightweight and durable ABS plastic handle with aluminum channel.
  • Precision cut rubber blades provide professional, streak-free performance at an economical price.
  • Handle, blade and channel are pre-assembled.
  • Durable, flexible squeegee blade fits curved surfaces.
  • Soft, comfortable handle with ergonomic shape.
  • Slim profile and clean design.
  • Convenient storage.
  • 14" and 18"

T-Bar And Microfiber Washing Sleeve Combo

  • For washing windows before you squeegee dry
  • Multiple cavities for increased water retention
  • Polyester scrubbing material with double sewn end seems for durability
  • Machine washable sleeve
  • Also good for cleaning window screens and high reach dusting
  • High Impact plastic with ergonomic grip
  • Slide Window Sleeve right over top to loosen dirt on windows
  • Contoured handle
  • Fits all extension poles
  • 12", 14" and 18"

Master Rubber for Channels

  • Replacement blade for you squeegee.

Brass Clips for Window Squeegees

  • Replacement for when originals wear out

Golden Glove Replacement Cover

  • Extra heavy synthetic pile, double-twist fabric and double seams at the sewn ends
  • 10", 14" and 18"

Master Brass Channel with Rubber

  • Replacement or extra - without purchasing new unit.
  • 12", 14", 16" and 18"

The SideKick

  • A definitive dripless holster puts squeegee, washer and mini-bucket on either hip
  • Detachable, quick-release belt clip (use 2044 tool belt)
  • Durable, heavy duty construction
  • Accepts all brands of squeegees and washers up to 18"
  • Reversible right/left design
  • Shown complete with tools, all items sold separately
  • Dimensions: 4" D x 3 1/4" W x 12" H

Window Cleaning Bucket With Sediment Screen And Casters

  • Great for car washing, window cleaning, gardening
  • Accommodates 18-inch window washer/scrubber
  • Raised, easy-to-see measurement marks
  • Durable polyethylene construction
  • Includes grate

Tapered Adapter

  • Quickly converts a variety of threaded handles into a tapered end.

REA-C-H Extension Pole - 2 Section

  •  Heavy duty construction
  •  Fluted gold-anodized aluminum with high impact plastic tips prevents corrosion
  •  Tapered tip for dusting and painting
  •  Ergonomic cone and clamp assemblies
  •  Contoured grip for extended working time
  • Available in 8' and 12'.  Longer is special order.

Microfiber Cloths

MicronQuick is manufactured by using a uniquely fine microfibre – probably the finest

split microfibres on the market. Compared to existing fibres, each MicronFibre has been split up into 32 segments. This means considerable advantages, in all kinds of applications:

• Superior cleaning Performance

• Up to 99.99 % bacteria removal. Proven by independent test institute (BMA)

• 25% improved cleaning performance, tested by the Fraunhofer Institute.

• Streak-free cleaning, no water residue left on the surface

• Lint free

• Improved wear resistance

• Easy to wring out and rinse

MicronQuick has a very low friction action, which improves ergonomics, plus the

streak-free result means faster cleaning and easier handling. Due to the cloth´s low

volume, laundering costs are optimized and this combined with several hundred washing cycles means lower overall costs. MicronQuick is colour coded for maximum Hygiene.

Remove and kill bacteria!

Based on an intense research and development process we are proud to provide a cloth that has one clear goal - to keep your operational environment as hygienic and healthy as possible.

The NanoTech micro cloth does not only wipe away bacteria, it even kills them in direct contact as nano particles of silver have been embedded in the microfibre structure.

NanoTech Micro

Silver is the secret

NanoTech Micro is a microfibre cloth, but that’s not all.

The secret lies in the nano particles of silver that have been embedded in the microfibre composition. And when silver gets in direct touch with bacteria and germs, it kills them. All in all it efficiently prevents bacterial growth, and the effect does not fade away when cloths are being washed.

NanoTech Micro advantages

• Designed with a combination of endless microfibre and nano silver particles

• 99.9% bacteria or germs removal when wiping surfaces. (Certified by BMA).

• No growth of bacteria or germs on cloths

• Enables you to omit tumble-drying as cloth can be stored in moist condition up to 24 hours without bacteria growth. Saves time and means significant reduction in cleaning start-up time.

• No odour from cloth in use

• Keeps antibacterial properties also after several hundred washing cycles


Quick and easy handling thanks to low friction.


Everywhere where top hygiene is paramount – e.g. hospitals, elderly people´s homes, Kindergarten, restaurants and fast food environments etc.

16″X16″ Microfiber Cloth 240GSM

  • Perfect for all your commercial cleaning needs
  • Withstands hundreds of launderings
  • Reduce chemical usage and pick up more bacteria with Microfiber
  • Green Cleaning

Available in Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, Red and Orange

16″”X16″” Glass/Mirror Microfiber Cloth Blue

  • Perfect for all your commercial cleaning needs.
  • Withstands hundreds of launderings.
  • Reduce chemical usage and pick up more bacteria with Microfiber.
  • Green Cleaning.

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